For Those With Eyes To See

A pint of beer is 8 pounds,

A litre of Diesel is 2,

I wonder when they‘ll charge us

For each visit to the loo!

The cost of food is crippling

Some supermarket shelves are bare

Our income’s really shrinking

This doesn’t seem quite fair!

The pandemic is behind us?

We hope that’s really so,

But normal never did come back

Online’s the way to go!

Energy costs are tripling

This really is no lark!

Winter power cuts are forecast

We’ll be dancing in the dark!

Strikes already happening

Our trains are standing still

I’m gluing up my letterbox

Won’t see another bill!!

Brexit being cited but

There is trouble around the globe

Heatwaves, droughts, floods, earthquakes

Do record breaker’s need a probe?

Shocking wars are happening

Many come here to feel safe

But can our government do it?

That thought begins to chafe!

Extinction threatens species

With their changing habitats

But sightings of our doctors

Needs receptionist combat!

Society is struggling

the cracks start to appear

contractions coming closer

but we know not to fear!

Pandemics, wars, inflation,

What could that signify?

Don’t get down, look up my friends

Signs will be in the sky!

But we continue, take each day

Surmounting what must come

For those of us with faith in Him

Say Let Your Will Be Done!

2 thoughts on “For Those With Eyes To See

  1. Marika….so true…really value your insight and encouragement as well as the warning not to be left behind xxxxxxx


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