CHURCH ( In case you ever wondered……)

It’s not vestments and raiment’s
And exotic smells
Uncomfortable seats and
Loud ringing bells,
Stained glass, (though that depicts a story,)
Icons and statues, stone celestial glory
Note perfect worship, choir or band
No, nor sins forgiven, not by human hand
Not fine buildings reaching up, steeples so high
Signposting our eyes, up toward the sky
Not rituals or symbols, traditions of men
Repetitive utterings, a muttered amen,
But, if not this then what? What should it be?
Salvation by blood, Christ died for me!
Assembly of brethren, a part of the Body
Fellowship, prayer, this isn’t a hobby,
Our lives surrendered, given in trust,
Breaking of bread, good doctrine a must
The word is expounded in fullest measure
So we can grow fatter in all of its treasure
The gospel of Jesus in ‘sola scriptura’
The good news of Christ doesn’t get purer
In faith and hope we lift others up,
He overfills our joyful cup
Worshipfully raise our voice to the Lord
From sinners to saints, so He is adored
In good times and bad times we follow Him
For our Lord Jesus is the King of all Kings
The bible’s our plumb line so no compromise
With Satan himself, the father of lies
Sheltered by Father, safe under His wings
Acknowledging God, creator of all things

3 thoughts on “CHURCH ( In case you ever wondered……)

  1. Very thought provoking Marika… Easy to get caught up in the trappings and think we have “done church” thank you light ringer xxx


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