Nothing New Under the Sun!

Fairly recently, my husband and I were guests at a retreat, at the same time as a local church leadership group. One morning, we were privy to a passionate conversation between these other gentlemen guests, who happened to be enjoying their breakfast in the dining room, whilst discussing a particular book.
We were seated nearby, waiting for the second breakfast sitting that morning but the excitement that they shared had led to a rise in the volume of their speech and their conversation became clearly audible.
The gist of the conversation was the number of ‘coincidences’ or ‘evidences’, dependent on your view, that an author had laid out in their book, depicting past events in the Old Testament which, they alleged were being literally replayed in modern times.
My ears pricked up at this as one gentleman confessed how cynical he had been when lent to the book but how his view had changed, literally as he turned the pages, by the facts that were staring him in the face!
Embarrassment at acknowledging my eavesdropping fought hard with my curiosity to know the title of the book that had caused this much debate. My pride took a blow and as the men began to leave, I poked my head through the open door and pink faced, rather sheepishly asked them the title of the book.
Seemingly surprised but smiling kindly, they told me that the title of the book was The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn. I thanked them and withdrew as quickly as propriety allowed!
I had previously enjoyed The Harbinger, also authored by him, so I had the book ordered online and winging its way to our home before we took our places at the breakfast table!
Once back at home, this book was devoured before we were fully unpacked! Just prior to this break, I had been led to read the book of Ecclesiastes and the verse that had stuck out to me was: –
Book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 Verse 9
“What has been will be again, and what has been done is what will be done again, and there is nothing new under the sun.”
Reading this book ‘through the lens’ of this verse added greater depth meaning and understanding. Did I find this to be a powerful book? Yes! Did I find the paradigms within too close to be coincidental? Yes! Would I recommend it for a good read? Yes, without hesitation.
However, although I gained a deeper understanding of the typology and repeated prophetic fulfilment pattern, this is not a post to advertise the aforementioned book, this is not the purpose, heart or intent of my Blog.
Of course, the plan and purpose that God has for each and every one of us is as individual as the prints that he placed on our fingertips. I had no idea that God would use this as the beginning of a new journey that has taken me to very different place both in the natural and also spiritually. As Christian soldiers we have to be prepared to be posted in new places as our lives are no longer our own and where we are stationed is determined by a much higher rank, indeed, decided by a King.
It is only with the wisdom of hindsight, that I can pinpoint this as the beginning, and in fact the ending, of many things.
May you follow Him, His word a lamp unto your feet, into the year 2020.
God bless and Happy New Year to you all!

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