A Lifetime Pilgrimage

I recently met a lovely woman who had chosen to undertake a Camino Walk. She very kindly invited me to join her ‘Whatsapp’ group, featuring her travels in step by step updates and I have been able to follow her journey quite closely.
As I have kept pace with her adventure, I have been struck with the realisation that, as different as they may be, her pilgrimage and my every day journey, share many similarities. Here is today’s ponderings!
Daily, I aim to keep my feet firmly planted on the rock-solid but narrow pathway beneath my feet, keeping my eyes fixed on Him and following His direction.
But, as my new friend shared that she had lost the stick that she had been leaning on to support her journey, I was reminded of the amount of times that I too get lost because I take my eyes off Jesus who is the one with the map!
I take my eyes off Him, seeking a different view and spot what appears to be an oasis in the distance. All I have to do is just take a different, busier and wider path. I must be correct as so many other travellers are going this way? Sometime later I find that the oasis was a mirage and that the soft sand beneath my feet has caused me to sink. This wilderness that I have arrived at is arid and I am thirsty! I thank God that as I turn around, regretting my mistake I find Him again, my source of living water. I am so glad that he comes looking for me when I have gone astray!

One thought on “A Lifetime Pilgrimage

  1. Your testimony on Sunday was such a blessing and an encouragement to me and so many others – thank you. God works in strange ways His wonders to perform. He is doing something beautiful and wonderful in your life. What a powerful message through your blog which I will follow and keep you in my prayers. God bless you. With love Shirley x


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