Frothy Coffee – What Lurks Within?

Recently after some treasure hunting in unique boutiques, (read as, scavenging in charity shops), my hubby and I had worked up quite a thirst and needed a boost to our flagging energy levels so, we headed into a nearby local café to rest on our laurels for a bit and top up our caffeine levels.
A strong and encouraging scent filled the air and we could literally ‘smell the coffee’.
An order for two Lattes was placed, some table space was located and my anticipation began to build as I watched hubby begin to wind his way towards me, carrying a tray with two large white mugs resting on it. Finally my drink was placed before me on the table. As you can probably tell by now, he and I are rather passionate about our coffee!
It looked good, it smelt good and it was even branded with a professional looking logo on the froth so, we were in the house with all the systems go, so to speak!
But oh the disappointment! So deep was the layer of froth that I almost had to dip my nostrils in to get to the liquid beneath and after all the effort something was very wrong. It was lukewarm and the taste was so very distinctly ‘off’.
Everything appeared authentic. The name on the door advertising what was being served, the aroma of coffee beans, the numbers of customers seated inside, the appearance of mug, logo and froth all presented well. However, the meat of the matter, the coffee itself was offbeat, as if the sacrilegious addition of not just a spoonful but copious sachets of sugar had been added to make this challenging medicine go down.
Speechlessly, hubby and I looked at one another, unwilling to verbalise the truth that our expectations of sustenance weren’t going to be met here and yet, also unwilling to give up on our hopes and expectations too quickly.
Almost simultaneously, we took another mouthful but our taste buds were telling us that something artificial was being passed off here as the genuine article. Also, as there had been so much froth, on this mouthful I got a delivery of the dregs that formed the foundation of this masquerading counterfeit. We didn’t need much discernment here to recognize that no refreshment was going to be found but instead a lukewarm, saccharine sweetness with a very bitter aftertaste.
We left without further ado.
As I considered that the only cost of our error of judgement on this occasion had been disappointment and a lighter pocket, I felt Holy Spirit bring this scripture to mind;
Book of Matthew Chapter 24 Verse 4 NIV
“Watch out that no-one deceives you”.
We are told to be alert, aware and discerning. In the secular world the cost of being duped by appearance rather than content may not be too high but within the church, a wolf in sheep’s clothing can be fatal to a flock of sheep.
Our taste buds were the plumb line for the coffee but the Holy Bible is the plumb line for deception within the church. Line up everything against the solidity of scripture and do not be deceived by the appearance of what just looks or sounds good.
God bless you all.

2 thoughts on “Frothy Coffee – What Lurks Within?

  1. Thank you Marika entertaining and poignant.. I don’t want to be deceived. I would have complained about the coffee – can’t believe you didn’t 😉


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